Stringing: the racket up way



We’ve all haemorrhaged a string or two in a match. Whether your game is squash, racketball, tennis or badminton, Racket Up stringers Niall and Francis will make sure you’re back on court in no time! You can leave your racket with either coach at the club or their home address with a quality restring typically completed on a turnaround of 2-3 days.

Squash Racket Stringing Tensions

The recommended range of tension for squash rackets is anywhere between 20-35lbs. When deciding on a tension that best suits your game, it’s important to recognise if your playing style relies more on power or touch. A lower tension (20-25lbs) will help you generate much more power, with a higher tension (30-35lbs) allowing better control over your shots.

The various tension ranges are shown below:

It’s always best to experiment with various tensions to find out which works best for you. Please remember to specify a tension when leaving your racket to be restrung or it will be restrung at a mid range tension according to the size of the racket head.


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