Racket Up Camps

Training Camps for Adults and Juniors throughout the year keeping your reflexes sharp, body strong and mind engaged.

Racket Up Squash Academy is running training camps in the UK on all of the key school holiday dates including beginner and advanced adult coaching courses all throughout the year.




What you can expect

Racket Up Squash Academy UK holiday camps offer players the chance to work on their squash skills and improve their game all throughout the holidays. The camps are great fun, socially engaging and feature elite squash coaching most relevant to the game today.

Each of our camps are hosted by Head Coach, Niall Engerer with some special guest appearances along the way. We aim to create the perfect atmosphere to learn both on and off the court and working with players of all ages and standards. Groups are carefully organised to match players of the same ability, and we include coaching in both technical and tactical areas as well. Each week is highlighted by a well run tournament to introduce players to the demands of competitive play and we have our own special team games running throughout the week as well.