Coaching: The Racket Up Way

Our coaching is progressive, fun and individually unique.
Squash coaching for players of all standards and ages. All of our sessions are tailor-made and range from individual, paired and group lessons.

Whether you’re looking for a great workout from one of the healthiest sports around*, or are a complete beginner looking to try something new, our team of coaches have got you covered!


  • Technical consultation
  • Single shot focus
  • Fitness and match preparation
  • Pressure feeding
  • Match analysis
  • Video reviews


  • Hone your racket skills in a
  • competitive environment
  • Fine-tune certain areas of your game
  • Concentrated focus
  • Push yourselves further


  • Functional warm ups
  • Work with players of a similar standard
  • Feeds, routines and conditioned games all under coach guidance
  • Fitness and matchplay
  • Regular sessions available each week