Squash Fit

Combining the experience and knowledge of renowned Fitness & Performance Coach Gary Nisbet and ex-junior England international player Niall Engerer, SquashFit is a unique conditioning workout designed to increase endurance, build strength, and develop movement skills. Suitable for players of all levels, the session is an insight into the kinds of drills the best squash players in the world use to fine tune their conditioning for the rigours of the sport.

The first week of each month will see the new workout unveiled and led by Gary & Niall. Attendees are then given a print-out of the session to take away with them to work with in their own sessions over the subsequent 4 weeks, before the next brand new class.

So whether you’re a high level player looking to optimise your on-court conditioning, or you’ve never even seen the inside of a squash court and just want a challenging, multi-faceted work-out, come give SquashFit a try.

There’s fit, and then there’s SquashFit!


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